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How do I create a Landing Page?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create an opt-in page.
  • Landing page settings.
  • Publishing a landing page options.



Locate and click on the button labeled “Landing Pages” in the left hand navigation of your account Dashboard. Then click the blue “Build A Single Page” button in the upper right hand of your account Dashboard.


Choose a template for editing. While all the templates are complete customizable there are specific templates make for certain actions.

The template named “FLAT POPUP OPT-IN PAGE 1” is meant for what is called a two step opt-in. The visitor will have to go through an extra step to be able to submit their information to the page.

Some of the other templates include a combination of these features but keep in mind the editor will allow you to add these feature to pages that don’t already include them in the design.

Video Sales Page = these pages will allow you to embed video onto the page.

Countdown Timer = these pages will allow you program a countdown timer to the page.

Survey Page = these pages allow you to conduct a quiz or survey before submitting information.

Thank You Page = after a visitor opts-in to your list they may be forwarded to a Thank You Page (TYP).

A pop-up window will appear asking for Page Name* and URL slug*. Enter the name for your page and the URL slug will be created and formatted automatically from your page name. Click the “Submit” to continue. Please be aware both the Page Name and URL slug can be edited later.


After clicking the green “Submit” you will be forwarded to the template editor. Edit your template by changing text, images, and buttons. Adding and deleting content. Once you have finished editing your template to your pleasure click the “Save” box in the lower right hand corner. It is recommended that you save often while editing your pages.


When finished with your last edit and save you will then want to click on Settings in the left hand navigation menu. From here you will be able to change the Page Name and URL Slug. If you scroll to the bottom of this pop up, you will be able to change your SEO Settings, Opt-in Form Integration, Tracking Code, and Exit Popup.


When you have finished editing your Settings then click the “Publish” button in the lower right hand corner. A popup will appear with your SendLane™ hosted URL, Social Media sharing option, and a way for you to download the HTML file for your Landing Page. You can use this file to upload to your server.