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Why are there extra characters in my emails?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to use the copy & paste tool.
  • Why use the tool.


Most programs like MS Word will add extra formatting in the background. This extra formatting while is great for the program doesn’t always translate well across other software. The extra formatting will often cause issue with online editors. To avoid any issue we recommend using our tool that removes the formatting.

To use the tool you will want to place your mouse cursor into the are you want to paste the content in. Once done correctly a mini editor pop up will appear allowing you to do a number of functions. You will want to use the icon on the far right. Click the clipboard icon.


After clicking on the tool icon. A pop up text input box will appear. Paste the content you would like to appear in your email here and the click the blue “OK” button at the bottom to finish.




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