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How do I edit my email templates?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to use personalization tags.
  • Customizing text with bold, italicize, underline, hyperlinking.
  • Changing fonts.
  • Adding an image.


In order to begin editing an email template you must first choose either the “Predesigned” or “Start From Scratch” template options.

Upon entering the email editing module you will notice on the left hand side is your main “Content” and styling “Options“. Under the “Content” tab you will see different items that you can drag and drop to build the content of your email. Within the “Options” tab you will have the ability customize many features of each of the content modules.

Content Options

  • Header
  • Paragraph
  • Separator
  • Small image
  • Full width image
  • Full width image + paragraph under
  • Image left, text right
  • Image right, text left
  • 2 Column image & text
  • 3 Column image & text
  • Your Custom Button

Editing Options

  • Change Font
  • Body Background Color
  • Background Color
  • Title, Text, Link, & Button Color
  • Title & Text Font Size
  • Title Line Height
  • Text Line Height
  • Top Spacing
  • Bottom Spacing
  • Top Border
  • Bottom Border

Hovering your mouse over one of the content modules will bring that particular module’s options available for selecting. You can edit the HTML of the module or copy it, move the module up or down in the email, adjust the settings for the module, copy the module, and finally delete the module.


The next module down in your email content is going to be a “Title“. To title your email simply use your mouse and click within the text area. A mini text editor will pop up and a cursor will appear and, that is how you will know you can begin editing the text. You will also notice a “+” symbol on the mini editor. This allows you to add more content elements within the content you are editing. To make edits to the entire link of text you must first highlight the entire line with your mouse and click on the editing element. (i.e. bold, italics, etc.)


Below the title module is a “Paragraph” module in the the template I am using as an example. The paragraph module acts very much like the title module. Edit the text with what ever you’d like.

Below the paragraph module you see an “Image” module and an image place holder. You will want to either delete or change to an image of your choosing. To do this hover your mouse over the image to change. Module options will appear similar to what you’ve seen before. You will notice two new option that appear in the middle of the image. From here you can “link” to the current image or “upload” an image to replace the existing one. Keep in mind when you upload an image it will automatically be sized to fit in the select area.


If you are following along with the same template I am going to delete the next image holder by selecting the trash can in module menu options.

Next is a module that has all three of the of the module we just edited in a single module with the image justified to the left of the title and paragraph. To edit this module use the steps I’ve outlined previously. Keep mind adding a link here or there to help drive traffic to specific pages will be key in some of your marketing campaigns. To link an image simply hover your mouse over the image. Click on the chain “Link” icon and paste the URL in space provide and click the green “Save” button to finish adding a link.


Below the this module is a similar one with the image justified to the left. Edit how you wish. I deleted for the sake of the tutorial. The next module has the three elements we’ve been covering. This has the image on top, the title, below the image, and a paragraph below that.

Then there are some rounded windows below the vertical module, but first I am going to add a title module above those three round image holders.
To add a new element or module to your email you need to first click the “Back” tab located in the module editor in the left hand side of your screen. This should pull up your content options. The second option from the top will be a title text module. Drag and drop to your email. You will know what place the module will go when a green bar with “Drop Here” appears.


Edit your title the way you’d like. I am going to add some personalize this line with the subscribers first name. To do the you will want place your cursor where you want the name to appear. Next click on the “Personalization Tags” in the lower left hand corner of your editor.